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 Deaf Men can Hear By Jordan Lee Burnes

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Jordan Burnes

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PostSubject: Deaf Men can Hear By Jordan Lee Burnes   Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:14 am

Hooves hit the rough, rocky ground,
Wind blowing through the trees, yet there is no sound.
The carrige stops as a foot touches earth,]
A man steps out with a cane and black shirt.
His skin massacred from years of labor.
His mind a weapon. His stomach sober.
Three legs walk in one direction.
Birds flutter overhead as they hear the distraction.
The grass makes imprints in the ground
The sweet stifling breeze still making no sound.
A kid runs by as the birds flutter,
Breaking one leg to make the old man fall over.
Blood trickles down his lip to the ground,
He sits there not making a sound.
The warm liquid is wiped away by raindrops.
As steam rises up from the asphalt on the hilltops.
The rain continues to fall harder and harder,
But still ceases to make a sound.
Then the man looks up and sees a flower,
Now the man can hear his shower.
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Deaf Men can Hear By Jordan Lee Burnes
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